Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Town Meeting Day: Cleaned Out!

Town Meeting Day!
It's always great to participate in this important exercise in democracy. But this year was especially fun. At our last meeting, we agreed to pull together a bake sale to benefit CERV, our local foodbank.
Despite a slow beginning, our bake sale was a ringing success. By the time the actual town meeting began (voting by Australian ballot started by 7am, of course, but town meeting doesn't start until 10am) people were ready to start browsing. And, once folks realized that this year's meeting was going to be longer than normal our little concession stand became quite popular.
A giant coffee maker (courtesy of Carolyn and John Stevens) kept the high test flowing, and almost everyone on our little committee came by with cookies, brownies, or what-not. Initially, I thought we'd far overshot our audience and that we'd have leftovers galore, but this year town meeting went through early afternoon. We were cleaned out!
The best part is that together (and with the generous donations of everyone who came to our booth) we raised $129.11 total for CERV. This was a great exercise in service politics, and a way to not only be present and partcipating at town meeting, but to have a little volunteer activity on the side. Thanks to the entire committee for coming up with this idea, supporting it on short notice, and helping to make it happen. I especially want to acknowledge Siobhan Smith, Ruth Ruttenberg, and Aaron and Sonya Rhodes (and Anastasia!) for volunteering their time at the booth.
One of the other things I really like about town meeting is that a lot of kids come with their parents. Not only is it great for them to see "democracy in action", but it's a fun social time as well. I know I'm not the only one who enjoys watching my son interact with everyone from town, and especially to have the opportunity to play with other kids of various ages who attend. And, everyone watches everyone else's kids. So, a great day all around.
I'll give a little report on the actual votes that took place at town meeting once we get the reports that include all the balloted items.

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