Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reorganization Caucus - Sept. 21st @ 6:00 p.m.

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that we will be reorganizing the town committee on Monday, September 21st at 6pm (prior to the health care forum) at the Kreitzberg Library (multi-purpose room) at Norwich University.

Since many of you expressed interest in the health care forum and are likely to attend anyway, it made sense to have the meeting prior to the forum, and at the same location. The meeting is being warned in the Times Argus, and I'll have it posted at the library and the town offices. After the meeting I'll file all the appropriate paperwork with the State Party and the Town Clerk (just names of committee members, not contact information) per the rules.

So, please come even if you cannot stay for the whole health care forum. We need to elect our town committee and its officers. This meeting will be brief lasting 20-30 minutes maximum. Just enough time to sign everyone up and to elect our officers. Hope to see you then. Thanks.