Sunday, September 28, 2008

Support Gaye Symington! Help Needed At Barre Debate on 10/2!

Hi all,

We have a debate coming up in the crucial swing-town of Barre VT. It's sponsored by the Builders association and other business groups that have been Douglas-friendly before. But Gaye has said right from the start that this election is about going after moderate business groups - and that's what we're going to do!

Best of all I have FREE TICKETS to next Thursday's debate, so you can join us if you RSVP in time. I need 50 people to join us in the crowd, and as many as possible to join us before the debate holding signs and banners and otherwise being visible in the park and in front of the post office. Please forward this email and bring friends

Here are the details:

When: Thursday October 2
5-pm meet by the post office for visibility set up
Debate starts at 6pm
Where: Barre Opera House (map)
Who: Gaye Symington, Jim Douglas, Anthony Pollina and YOU!

Drew Hudson
Field Director

Obama's TKO...

Friday's debate between Barack Obama and John McCain was anything but decisive.

Still, polls and pundits are giving the edge to Obama because he passed the "presidential fitness" test (that is: can you picture this person as President of the United States), and because of the Wall Street meltdown that has left Republicans holding the bag after a decade of deregulation and letting the robberbarons rule the roost. It also helped, perhaps that McCain came off like something of a Grumpy Gramps by not even bringing himself to look Obama in the eye, and adopting a condescending tone in his analysis of Obama's ability.

On the issues, the fundamental question voters must ask themselves this year is a version of Ronald Regan's famous question in his first debate with Jimmy Carter in 1980: Are you better off now than you were eight years ago?

For the vast majority of Americans the answer is a resounding "No!"

Based on their responses to the economic crisis at the debate and how voters responded to their answers, it appears that most Americans realize that Obama's vision of tax cuts for the middle class and regulating the financial markets is the best opportunity to get our country back on the right track.

There were no knockouts at the debate, probably no memorable lines, even. But it appears that in passing the "presidential fitness" test, by appealing to the voters on Main Street, and by appearing more empathetic Obama scored a much needed TKO.

September 27 Meeting

Thanks to all who came out to Village Pizza (formerly the Red Kettle) for the 9am Northfield Democrats meeting.

We discussed a GOTV mailing... and making it a postcard with email and/or website information.
Please note per others' suggestions, I've added links to the Obama, Symington and Costello campaigns.

Finally, we discussed sending in letters to the editor supporting our Democratic candidates and Democrats' plans for turning the economy around, etc.

Please send your letters to the Northfield News and the Times Argus.