Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Local Considerations... Public Health, and the Veterans Place

Local Letters Digest:

1) Gordon Bock recently submitted this letter to the editor on the issue of public health - in particular head lice among school-age children - in our public schools. Don't know about you, but if your kid has ever had it, or been exposed to it, your ears prick up. Nasty little nits. An excerpt:

"We parents were hearing for months about different instances in which entire class sections were brought to the school nurse for lice checks. But it was our children, not school officials, who were keeping us apprised of the situation, and then only in a piecemeal, anecdotal fashion. The responsibility for keeping us informed -- - fully informed, and on an ongoing basis --- rests with the school officials, not the children."

** Eds. Note: the school district did send out a flyer regarding the public health threat posed by head lice and what to do about it.

2) Nate Freeman says the proposed Veteran's Place Lacks Answers in this letter to the editor on the issue of the proposed Veteran's Shelter here in Northfield:

"Asking questions or raising concerns about anything related to veterans can feel downright unpatriotic. But lets face it: here in Northfield we are all patriotic and we are proud of the service men and women in our community. In one way or another, we are all connected to Norwich University, the oldest and most forward thinking private military school in the United States. Many of us volunteer in the community and help provide for people who are in need. Yet we can also ask legitimate questions about a development that can create a significant impact in our town."

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