Sunday, November 2, 2008

Douglas Lacks Business Experience

More letters from Northfield Democrats... check out this gem from Gordon Bock published in the Times Argus. Gordon points out the Governor's lack of any experience in the private sector. Douglas has spent 30 years as a bureaucrat with little or no real-world experience to his credit. Thanks for your letter, Gordon. Here's an excerpt:

“(S)erving (his words, not mine) the people of Vermont for more than 30 years. Elected to the Vermont House of Representatives in 1972 … in 1979 … become(s) a top aide to Governor Richard Snelling … elected Secretary of State … elected State Treasurer … served as Treasurer until his inauguration as Governor in 2003.”

Hmm … nothing about Douglas’ ever having bothered to try working in the private sector, much less attempting to make a go of it as an entrepreneur. It is easy to criticize how someone runs a business when you have no concept of what that is actually like - having to deal with budgets, taxes, government regulations and legalities, sales and marketing, payroll, personnel, production, profitability.

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