Monday, October 27, 2008

Letter: Moore has needed energy

This letter was written in support of Laura Moore's candidacy for State Senate in Washington County by our very own Carolyn Stevens. It appeared in the Times Argus on October 21st.

I also submitted a letter in support of Democrats generally, and specifically for Barack Obama, Gaye Symington, and Rep. Maxine Grad. You can read it here.


Laura Moore, candidate for state senator from Washington County, has caught my attention with her energy and dedication. Her experience in environmental issues, combined with her well-grounded, practical experience as a working mother and Chairwoman of the Barre Town School Board, have prepared her to deal with the difficult issues that will face the senate this year in a realistic and responsible way. Economic development, education funding, health care, clean, safe, and reliable energy, the environment - all are critical to making this state both affordable and livable for Vermonters.

Laura will be a valuable addition to the state Senate as they work on these challenges, and will work to bring a new and creative perspective to Montpelier.

We can do better than relive the past. We must. Laura Moore is ready to join Ann Cummings in the Senate, to work toward a better future. I urge my neighbors and friends to vote for healthy, energetic change, in this year of change and hope.

Carolyn G. Stevens

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